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Free Puppy Packs From Iams

This Eukanuba offer has now ended but we do have an amazing free Pedigree Chum puppy pack, click here to get your free Pedigree Chum puppy pack now

Eukanuba (IAMS) are giving away free puppy packs to all puppy owners at the moment which include a free DVD about puppies/dogs & feeding nutrition etc.. You also get a free dog food voucher which you you claim some free dog food with. Mine arrive about 2 weeks ago & most shops will take the vouchers so no worries on that score. Good new if you own a dog. Click here to order yours

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  • i would like a free pack

  • my dog as just had 7 puppies ….
    we woud be verry happy if you let us have 7 puppy pack…..
    thack you … my dog is a small bread

  • My Patterdale Molly has just had 6 adorable puppies and i would like to request 6 pup packs if possible

  • please can you send me a free IAMS puppy pack


    I have a 4 month old Cocker Spaniel



  • Please can u send me a free IAMS Puppy pack please.

    I have a 5 month old american bulldog

    many thank

  • I am about to collect two Shih Tzu puppies who will be ten weeks old, and I would very much welcome the free puppy packs

  • HI we have just bought our daughter a puppy called Skye and she is 7 weeks can we have a free puppy pack please,
    Many thanks

  • We have just brought home our Border Collie bitch, Nima!

    Please would you send us a IAMS puppy pack if possible?

    Many thanks :)

  • My Irish Terrier just had 8 puppies, please could You send me 8 puppy packs. Thank You

  • Hi,

    My Bulldog has just had 8 puppies, i would be very grateful if you would send 8 puppy packs, for there new owners.

    Many Thanks Mandy

  • can you please send me a puppy pack for my 8 week old puppy thankyou

  • hello,
    i have 2 4 MONTH OLD LABRADOR PUPS COULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME TWO PUPPY PACKS PLEASE I would be more than greatfull thankyou

  • Have had a brilliant litter of 9 staffordshire Bull Terriers i feed my 2 females iams and my pups on the puppy kibble and want to pass this onto the new owners any chance of 9 puppys packs



  • i have a patterdale terrier whi is 4 months old, please may i have a free puppy pack.

  • I have a 16 weeks old Shetland Sheepdog, and he has just finshed the pack supplied by the breeder. Want to start him now on Iams, so colud you please forward me a pack.

    Many thanks


  • my dog has had 4 pups and I would be very grateful if you could send me any puppy packs to give with the pups when they go to their new owners, thanks.

  • Nothing has happened since i requested a puppy pack,and the link above does not open, i don’t think this is a valid offer

  • hi could i have a puppy pack
    just got a 9 week old pup

  • plz could i have a free puppy pack for my 8 week old boxer alfie ty x

  • Hi, Wr have a 7 wk old Miniature Schnauzer puupy called Eric & he would love to receive a free puppy pack from you!! Many Thanks
    Kate & Eric

  • i have just bought my first puppy and would really like to have a free puppy pack so i know i am looking after him right

  • could I have a free puppy pack please

  • my dogue de bordeaux just had a litter of 13 pups.
    can you please send me some puppy pack?
    Thanking you in advance

  • Just got our first dog for the family, a purebred border collie called Tammy, 8 weeks old.
    Looking for advice and free puppy pack, so please can you send (link doesn’t work).

  • Hi, my Jess just gave birth to 5 puppies. I need some puppy packs for them. Thank you

  • Hi my pug had alitter of 8 puppies, i would like to ask about the puppy packs as giving the best start in life matters many thanks Karen

  • hello,my lab is due to her pups around the 20th of september (this month) how do i get my free puppy pack’s for when they go there new owners. thankyou x

  • Hi, we have two female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups coming in September,would it be possible to order either one or two puppy packs please?

  • Hi I have just collected my Springer Spaniel puppy. She is 7 weeks old and lovely!! I would appreciate one of your puppy packs please. Thanks

  • hi could you please send me a free puppy pack as i have just got my puppy. thanks

  • please could you send me a puppy pack as ive just got a jack russell pup this week

  • hi my dog had a litter of puppys and i was wondering if it would be possiable if you could maybe send me out 5 puppy packs so i could give them to the new owners of the puppy’s when it comes for them to go to their new homes?
    thank you.

  • Hi, My Lhasa Apso has just had 5 puppies would it be possible to send me 5 puppy packs please to give to their new owners. I have 3 dogs and a cat all are fed on Iams only the best for my brrod.
    Thank you very much

  • cant goet onto the link to request new puppy pack – my new puppy arrives tomorrow – 30 sept and i have tried and cant request a puppy pack! links broken HELP please!

  • Hi
    my dog has 9 pups, can i request 9 puppy packs for the new owners, thank you

  • please could i have 7 puppy packs, my Labrador has had 7 puppies.

    thanks lucy!

  • just.1.pack.please.thankyou

  • i have just got a puppy for my birthday, she is a 9 weeks old,shes a Chihuahua crossed with a little yorkie. i would like it if you are able to send me a free puppy pack. thank you

  • link does not work,what a fast

  • I have a 2 month old parson russell terrier and would really appreciate a puppy pack. Thanks a lot!

  • does this work link for ordering is broken…:(

  • Please could i have a puppy pack for my 8 week old pup. Thankyou

  • Please would you send me 8 puppy packs to give to the new owners who will be calling soon to collect my litter of new puppies Thank you

  • i have a 8 week old puppy, may i have a puppy pack please. thankyou.

  • i have a 9 week old puppy could i poss get a puppy pack? thanks

  • i have a 12 week old springer spaneiel puppy who is ALWAYS full of energy and would like a free puppy pack to get some useful tips plaese

  • Hello. I am going to be picking up my labrador next week and would LOVE free puppy packs please!

  • we have an american bull dog puppy, we would love a puppy pack. thanks


  • Hi could i have 3 puppy packs as i have 3 puppys all staffys.Thanks Sophie

  • My King charles spaniel has had 5 puppys, i would love 5 free puppy packs to give to there owners please! Thank you


  • please can you send me a puppy pack for my new 7 week old puppy labrador thank you james

  • my puppy is 12 weeks old

  • i am desperate for 8 puppy packs to send off with my pups i’m sellin they go in 10days and hav had no luck with any of the free puppy pack sites can u help at all i’ve got a litter of 8 and they r my first litter they r staffy pups thanks

  • hi there ,could you send me 5 puppy packs for my first litter of bichon frise puppies they are 1 week old today. thankyou,

  • my pup is a 9 week old German shepherd called rebel

  • please may i have a puppy pack for my new 7 week old American bulldog puppy :) thanks x

  • i have 3 little shih tzu puppies may i request puppy packs for the new owners to be

  • we’re getting an 8 week old Yorkshire Terrier on Saturday can you please send me a free puppy pack as you link above does not work.
    kind regards

  • please could you send me 1 or 2 puppy packs as weve just got 2 staffie puppies from a rescue centre :) and they both are 12 weeks old
    thanks xx

  • can i have 8 puppy packs of food please for my bichon pups

  • hi could i please have 6 free puppy pack for my shih tzu pups for them to go to there new homes with thankyou

  • could i please have 4 puppy packs for my 6 week oldjack russell pups so their new ownerws can have one with their new puppy thankyou so much xxxx

  • Hi could you send me 6 free puppy packs for my litter of huskitas they are 2 weeks old

  • Can I please have 7 puppy packs to give to the new owners of my puppies? Many thanks!

  • Please could you send me 2 puppy packs for my 10week King Charles Spainels? Many Thanks

  • please could i have 8 puppie packs for my staffie puppies . 2 weeks and they will all be leaving me thanks very much x

  • Can i have a pack pack for a 9 week old shih tzu please

  • Hi

    Please can you send me 4 puppy packs for my border terrier puppies they are 3 weeks old and i want to send them off to their new homes with a great pack


  • HI if your still doing puppy packs could i please have 7 packs for Patterdale terrier pups, Thanks

  • Please Could you send Jacob his free puppy pack just changed his food to Iams and he absolutely loves it thanks

  • hi could i possibly have 6 puppy packs for the new owners to our pups they are jackachi’s

  • please could i have 6 sample packs week old cocker spaniels to send of withnew owners many thanks

  • hi could you please send 4 free puppy packs for chihuahuas they will be ready to leave on the 18 of dec and i would like to give them a starter pack for there new pups thanyou

  • please could you give me 5 puppy packs as my puppies are 3 days old and i would like them to give to the new owners

  • hi could you please send me two puppy packs as my pups are ready to leave on the 16th of feb 2012

  • the link above takes you to a free nappies site!? please could you send me 2 free puppy packs, i have 8 week old border terriers. thanks

  • Hi could u send me 4 puppy picked for my pug x chis for their new owners please

  • Please can you send me a free puppy pack i have a 8 week old cavalier king charles thanks

  • can you please send me a free puppy pack and any info I have just put a deposit on a shih tzu puppy he is 6 weeks old . I have neve3r had a dog before thank you

  • Hi i have a 16 week old cocker spaniel pup, please could you send me a puppy pack.
    the link took me to a site for free nappies

  • can i have one puppy pack please:) my new puppy is 6 months old and i have another dog which is 13! thank you

  • could i please have a free puppy pack my black lab puppy was born on 04/08/12

  • please can you send me a puppy pack i have 2 German shepherd puppies, they are 8 weeks old thanks

  • Please could i have some free samples for my puppy who is 3 months old. Thanks

  • I have just bought the families first ever puppy. He is a Jack Russell. Could you send me a free puppy pack to help us get started please.

  • First puppy for family would appreciate afree puppy pack to get us started.

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